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Probably the most important tool in the shop, next to yourself with a relaxing beverage, is the table saw. As most, I drool over the new Unisaw, then the sawstop, move over and eye up the new powercraft. The main thing is , no matter what quality tool
Here are some shot of how it looks today. There is a lot left to do. I have to get it organized again and get rid of some of the demolition and construction debris. Looking toward the rear section. The framing is for a bathroom, complete with tub/show
I was able to convince Pete, who runs the workshop where I spend time refurbishing tools on Tuesdays, that I could find this little fella a good home in my workshop. I have no idea if it’s collectable or not, I just hate seeing tools heading for the f
I picked this jointer up over a year ago. Disassembled, cleaned and a BLO bath. Left it to dry good and stabilize before flattening the sole. The metal was in decent shape, so a wire wheel and paint was in order. Did a little repair on the tote, Here
I wanted to share my thoughts experience with the G0513X2 17 bandsaw that I have now for over a year. Tis is not a formal review and I am not going to bore you with all the specs. Prior to the Grizzly I had the Powermatic 14 PWBS-14CS bandsaw with 6 r
4×8 sheets of plywood are always a pain and dangerous for one man to handle. Year ago I built this cart to handle these sheets to bring them and to saw then on my TS. It has been working well ever since. My hope is that my idea will help others. I sta
See the complete story here Some time ago I got and infill from an LJ friend Jamie asking me if I wanted an infill plane that needed some love. Of course I couldn’t resist and a short time later I received the package in the mail.
A new site, a new beginning. So a fitting first post might be the first project I worked on when I was just a little PAJA. At the time I was living with my grandparents in the Bitterroot Valley in Montana. My grandpa brought home a little “Starting wo
There was filth and stink. I bought this property from my neighbor. She had nine cats and two dogs living in a 14 × 60 mobile home. She wasn’t the best house keeper and never emptied the cat box. Needless to say, the stink would blow you off the porch
We are pretty excited to announce you the very first WoodworkingWeb Quarterly Awards! Theme – Glorious Grain Wood grain is a vital part of wood and woodworking. It can also be highlighted in the artistry of a woodworking project, so show us your grain