“justa“ basic hat

“justa“ basic hat

This was a quick project, completed this afternoon

First I created a ribbing
Crochet 9 sc
Working into back of “v” at top, work across, chain 1, turn and repeat until you have ribbing long enough to fit head. Join together

Turn and sc across to start the hat.
I did 5 rows of sc

Then I did 5 rows of connected double crochets
“SEE TUTORIAL ":https://craftisian.com/guilds/4-crochetworld/posts/23-learning-curve-connected-dc

To join the last/first stitches of rows, I did a yarn over and pulled it through the 3rd stitch on last of row and that of the first stitch of the row, to bring them together; then put hook through the top of the first stitch of the row and yarn over and did a slip stitch for the top of the stitches… then chain 2 to start the next row of DC.

1. DC 5 and then 2 together
2. DC 4 and then 2 together
3. DC 3 and then 2 together
4. DC 2 and then 2 together
5. DC 2 together around
6. Tie off

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