Kumiko Mini Guide Blocks


Developed this system of creating beveled Kumiko components using these simple mini guide blocks. Face vise is no longer necessary to clamp an otherwise large, complex guide block. The much smaller in scale guide blocks are simple to use when placed against a Kumiko Bench Hook fence. The mini guide blocks have adhesive-backed 30u sandpaper attached to the faces to prevent them from slipping along the fence.

A sliding stop that slides in a 1/2 inch groove also has adhesive backed sandpaper attached. The sliding stop serves to advance or retract the Kumiko component being beveled in small increments. The grid or frame is created using the flip side of the bench hook and a series of notches are created in pre-dimensioned .5 inch wide basswood Kumiko bars. Along with the flip side of the Bench Hook, only hand tools are necessary to create a complete Kumiko pattern within a frame! Kumiko Class at https://www.woodskills.com

Norman Pirollo