Lego table for triplets

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My triplet grand children turned 5 and a request was put in for a lego table. I did not have a lot of time so 2×4′s and 1×12′s were chosen from the box store. Construction is mortice and tenon for the legs and I used dowels on the top and shelf. Finish is BLO. Each lego tile is 15 1/8" square.

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What a great idea. I have triplets too. I wish I could have done something like that when they were smaller. When they were babies, we color coded everything blue, pink and yellow (2 girls and a boy). I could see that table with those colors so they each would have their “assigned” place. Very neat!

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Nice one madts, that shelf looks ideally placed and the proportions are just right.

Doing the best I can with what I've got

I especially love the shelf underneath!!

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Very nice table for the grand kids , well done !

Super work grand dad,now for the grand kids,on your mark ,get ready,…LEGO

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