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This is a side table that I made, again for my daughter. She requested something a little different. Legs are laminated mahogany. Top and shelf are mahogany plywood rimmed with maple. There are a lot of angles involved :) All in all a fun project to do. I did not have autocad at the time, so everything was right off the cuff. Sorry for the picture quality. I did not take the pics.

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Very, very nice madts! I would love to set your setup for bending laminates and such. I have never tried this, yet it really looks cool.

-- HorizontalMike

Very pretty table Madts.
Looks to me like four lovely sailing dinghy tillers plus a top and a shelf.
What, did you lose the dinghies or did you never get around to making them? :-)

Nice design, I like it a lot.

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