Bombe Jewelry Box

I had a request to create an unusual jewelry box with a particular set of woods. The jewelry box top would be lacewood whereas the body would be a contrasting mahogany. The interior would be cherry (a favorite wood of mine). The design would need to have a different aesthetic than that of a standard rectangular jewelry box. I presented the option to create a Bombe-styled box with curved sides, front and back. The client loved the design and the process of creating the jewelry box began. 

" A bombe chest exudes elegance and allure, as does its name. It comes from the French word meaning "curved." Bombe chests bulge outward in the front and on the sides and curves in at the base. "

The challenge I faced was to create the curved sides with a fair curve. The fair curve would need to be similar of all four sides of the jewelry box body so the intersecting points would meet correctly. Essentially each corner would need to seamlessly continue from front to sides and the back. The only method I concluded to get this correct was to shape the box after assembling it. The process of shaping the sides, front and back was risky at times, but it worked out well in the end. The splines reinforce the corner joinery.

With this particular project I learned to not be afraid of challenging myself and to embrace some risk in my work. The end result was well worth the extra risk in creating the box. I was only too happy and proud to show the client the jewelry box and their positive reaction made my day. The good feedback justified the extra risk in creating a uniquely designed jewelry box.

The interior is 3-levels with sliding compartments in the two top levels. There is also a ring holder section in one of the upper sliding trays. Each of the levels is accessible by sliding the compartments left or right without actually removing any of the trays. I make a point of featuring this in my jewelry box designs. A personalized brass plate was also created for the client with an inscription they provided to me.

Norman Pirollo

Nice box

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you did an amazing job ... and I loved reading the story behind it!! 
THanks for sharing

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