Small Saw Holder

After creating a saw till for my larger saws, I needed a method to store my selection of small fine-toothed backsaws. As well as storing them it would need to make the smaller saws easily accessible. With these criteria in mind, I created the small saw holder in the attached images. It is wall-mounted directly above a workbench I use for my sawing. The slots are only a fraction wider than the saw plates so the saws slip in tightly in each slot. Dowel joinery reinforces the sides of the saw holder to the bottom but screws can substitute.  Cherry trim is applied to the edges of the Baltic Birch holder for aesthetics and durability. So I no longer have my smaller saws all over my workbench. Instead, I am able to conveniently access them from above the workbench and free up workbench space!

Norman Pirollo