My first woodworking project

This is my first major (something other than installing baseboard from the big box store) project, to finish off a game room in about 2000. (memory doesn't work so well anymore) My wife asked for something to serve snacks and food from during the family gatherings. I looked through my stash of magazines, and came up with an article in the February 1984 issue of Popular Machanics. As you can see, I don't throw anything away.
Anyway, not having any real prior woodworking experience, I labored with installing this on several consecutive weekends, and have since learned enough to know that I did everything the hard way back then. Made mostly of plywood, with some big box store molding as trim, and finished off with Italian tiles that cost more than twice as much as the remainder of materials. But, it made it look fairly decent considering my beginner's skill level. I even learned how to make frame and panel doors for the bottom, using plywood for the panel.
Thanks for looking, have a great time working wood.
What a great job!!  Looks like you fulfilled the request and more.  
Awesome. Great use of space and I'm sure it will work perfect for the intended purpose and many other things.
I’d be beaming with pride!!

It’s beautiful .. and functional 

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Looks like it did the job, Tom!

May you have the day you deserve!

Quite an interesting set-up. Beautifully designed and an excellent job building it !!!   Mike