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CD Table top Pt 1

CD Table top Pt 1
While in Sydney I found a pile of wood deposited on the footpath
I rummaged through it all and rescued 8 cable drum Sides.
Brought them back home to Brisbane and commenced yet another recycle project
I selected a pair matched them up and glued them together
Hey I found a use for all my clamps at once!
like crowie I have a few onlookers overseeing my "work"
left it to dry overnight and sanded the edges ready to profile.

Looks to be the remanents of a NBN run of hybrid FO the disastrous attempt by the Gov to provide decent internet service
Started off as fiber to the home underground now its FO (I think to the Node wherever that may be )the RG6 coax to the home and in some cases even the original POT cable Plain old telephone cable to the home using the old foxtel arial cables!!  ... what a mess!

But hopefully will make a nice table top!

Regards Rob

hey buddy so glad to see you here.the duck just showed up yesterday with one of his puzzles of course.i didn't know you were a member here or i would have joined years ago.well i was given a time out so i went exploring and found this heaven. i love this place man.lots of jocks jumping ship and coming here.feels like home buddy. im like a kid at xmas here-lol.
Should be solid as all get out.  Mike
Hey rc, is that the killer truck with the spring board for your swan dives?... no red on those discs...

If you used all your clamps, you obviously haven't got enough... even with the biggest job, you have to have at least 20 lying around unused to trip over and have something(s) to put away while waiting for the glue to dry.

BTW: Did you Parf those holes?

If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD

duck i think he's ignoring us hoping we'll go away. probably surprised to see us here ?
Hi Rob, Nice seeing you here. That is great to repurpose what others throw away. I like the cable reel ends. I had one for a beer table by my horseshoe pits at my first house in Michigan. I cut out the center to about 12" diameter, then cut it in half and put it around an oak tree back there and suspended it from 3 chains. I'll bet it is still there after 40 years.

This is getting to look like a Lumberjocks escape site!!!!!!......................Cheers, Jim