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Another box!

Another box!

I made this box from Red Iron bark a very heavy timber used mainly for house stumps.
I found a few post discarded o the footpath and brought them home. The post was jointed
and then ripped into suitable lenghts.

I made the frame using lock miter joinery and inserted tha base into a recess.
The top was a series pieces cut at various lenghts and separated by narrow strips at each end.
Entry is via the base
I sanded and polished the timber it achieve the resultant finish.

I downloaded Pana tuner to help me try and tune it.

It ended up as a Tongue Drum

Regards Rob

Cool material,nice work Rob!

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That’s awesome. You should post a video of playing it.

Losing fingers since 1969

I cannot actually play it, but here is a test video

Regards Rob


Losing fingers since 1969

seems as your interested here is an expert

Its possibly staged and not as impromptu as shown plus there is a cable attached at the back.

Regards Rob

The wire is probably connected to a piezo microphone. I have one on my double bass. Makes it easily amplifiable.

Losing fingers since 1969