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kitchen table

kitchen table
Project Information
this kitchen table was made about 18 yrs ago when i remodeled our kitchen,after years of wear and tear it need a facelift.everything was sanded down and the bottom trestle was given an overlay to cover up the look the wife never liked.the wood used is maple with oregon mrytle wood on the table top with a little bit of cherry accents.i know some are gonna ask how i allowed for expansion,i didn't the top is just boards glued together with cross pieces and a lot of screws,sort of like how plywood is constructed.in 18 yrs it has never cracked.the finish used was 5 coats of general finishes satin gel topcoat rubbed out with two coats of black bison wax polish.hopefully good for 18 more.
here are a few extra pics.


I love that wood grain.  Awesome work as usual.

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thanks rich.yeah mrytlewood is beautiful. when my dad retired to oregon i had an unlimited supply, but thats gone now.
Beautiful table with excellent grain showing. Great work !!!   Mel
thanks guys.some people thought that top was gonna split but it's rock solid after over 18 years.
Well done, Pottz, really like the Tressel tables. And it looks like it has held to test the time.

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Nice radius on the table Pottz.  I like the segments
That has definitely stood the test of time and looks terrific! Well done!

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WOW, that is a very attractive table Pottzy!! Looks real sturdy too. I like that layout of the top!!!

cheers, Jim
thanks jim.yeah it's rock solid and way over built.