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Reconstructed Practice Bomb

Reconstructed Practice Bomb
This is a metal working project. It is a reconstructed practice bomb from WWII. The 4 wheeler posse from our  park in Arizona found a practice bombing range used during World War II to drop these 100# sand filled practice bombs. The back section had a metal tube between the fins filled with white smoke powder that was detonated by a 28 Ga. shotgun shell ( primer only) when the bomb hit the ground. Then the spotter could assess the pilot's accuracy. There were hundreds of these dropped and most have the body folded like an accordion. Some were buried almost full length into the ground. For this one I bought back the nose cone and the tail section and welded in a piece of 8" stove pipe for the body and attached the original  hanger eyes to the body. I had a lot of pounding and straightening to do to make it look halfway decent. 

I did some research on the color and the lettering and ordered the color custom mixed to match the original color and my friend Ken cut the stencil on his CNC laser. The bomb is 8" in diameter and about 42" long..........Cheers, Jim


Jim, that is a cool project.

Main Street to the Mountains

jim your not planning a big exit from lj's are you ? ;-))
Nice, Jim! Are you down in AZ now, or is the big move still pending?
Hi Eric. I have an old rusty one in the Az shop... just to throw the best parts together and mig weld  'em up! it is a real conversation piece.

Hi Pottzy, I just got a message from Cricket and she said the search will not change to find profiles if you put in a person's name. I will stay like it is. That kinda sealed it for me. I'll do most of my work here . Martin said that now that they have abandoned the old LJ program, he can make this much more like it! He is working on the workshops tab right now...........So I probably will do and exit in the future

Hi Dave, We leave Saturday for Az.

Cheers, Jim
Safe travels Jim. Hopefully the bad weather gets out of the way before you start your adventure.

Main Street to the Mountains

As ever, if the wife will give you a break in the driving, you’re welcome to stop in.
Thanks, Eric

Hi Dave. I'd sure like to if we stop around Santa Fe. We'll see. she is always pushing to go straight to the park...and straight home. I'll have to drive it alone one of these years!

Cheers, JIm
Well, that’s not something you see every day. Very cool! I’m glad you listed the dimensions; it’s huge.
A few of these laying around your porch should discourage unwanted solicitors. With my luck it would be Law Enforcement, lol. Good job.   Mike 
Thanks, Ron and Mike!..It was fun doing and now I have a conversation piece hanging in the barn, too...........Cheers, Jim