Bottle Flower

My wife saw a flower like this one day and took a picture and asked if I could make one. Well I made  four. They are made from blue and green wine bottles and rebar. I first made the hub with 8  5/16" rods sticking out of it. Then I had to get corks and drill them to fit the rods. I acquired a cork installing tool, but it did not like a cork with a hole in it and collapsed them. So I made a short 5/16" piece of steel with a threaded hole in it. I put that in the cork when installing it and the put a screw in it to extract it.. I bent up some 1/2" rebar for the shape of the stem and welded on a piece with some 5/16" rod on the end for a green bottle for the leaf. The stem is screwed into the hub and there is a piece of yellow stained glass to cover the bolt. The 8 holes in the hub were spotted on my indexer in the wood lathe and then finished in the drill press .

The flower is 27" in diameter and it stand 57" out of the ground and about 15" goes in the ground  ( in a pipe ). It is quite heavy and needs lots of support.

Cheers, Jim

ps. That is what I like about this is for all kinds of projects, not just wood.

Cheers, Jim ........................ Variety is the spice of life...............Learn something new every day

That is a nice project, Jim. I like the cobalt blue bottles, we have one of the bottle trees out along the sidewalk here, had to drive some pipe in the ground to stabilize it also.

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Have never seen anything like this before, it's definitely an eye catcher with all the colors. Good job.  Mike
That is so cool .

The rebar: I thought it was a garden hose lol :) 

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Thanks Eric, Mike Barbara and Debbie

Hi MsDebbie...nice to see you here. I live next to a cement working guy and he brings me all kinds of cut off rebar. I used some for a dumpster diving frame that  hooks right over the side of the dumpster and I stand on a platform hooked into the frame. . It is 1/2" rebar and very strong...........Cheers, Jim

Cheers, Jim ........................ Variety is the spice of life...............Learn something new every day