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Natural Edge River Table

Natural Edge River Table
 My best customer, Shawne, bought this slab of wood and wanted me to cut it in two down the center and make her a river table out of it. I told her I would not do that but I'd make a river table by leaving it in one piece and we decided on this design. The slab was 3/8" thicker on one end and coated with an orange varnish. Little did she know that it was Ambrosia Tiger Striped Maple.
 I flattened it to 2" and then cut out the river shape ( some photos are below of the process ). I tapered the ends of the slot so that it looks like it is full depth on the epoxy when it is only 1" deep. Then she wanted a gravel bottom and three deep holes at the curves. I had to glue in the gravel on the hills on the ends  so it would not roll down with the pour and stick out of the epoxy when I trimmed the ends after it cured.
 It is 15" wide on the wide end and 28" long and 20" high. It has blue tinted Clear Flow epoxy in the river and then covered with clear epoxy all over. It has powder coated hairpin legs under it.
 Cheers, Jim

Nice table Jim, it turned out great. Well done.

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Beautiful, I like the way it was designed to look like it was cut in half. Excellent job !!!  Mike
Beautiful table, excellent workmanship!!

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Thank you all for the nice comments( again). You may have noticed that I'm bringing my projects over from LJ's.

This was my one and only river table. It is unconventional according to the way they are usually made with 2 pieces but I did not want to build a box to have to contain all the epoxy that might flow out Shawne was very happy with it................Cheers, Jim
You may say it's somewhat unconventional Jim but this way you get the best of both worlds. The river through the center and natural bark on the both sides. I rather like this approach. I have five 25'' wide maple slabs that would be sort of wide for most tables if I split them and added a river. This way I could keep it at 25''. 
Hi Dave. I can't wait to see yours!! If you go this route, you don't have to cut them in two and all you have to seal is the ends

Cheers, Jim