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Bloody Cracked Pot

Bloody Cracked Pot
 The park maintenance guy brought in this piece of a citrus tree ( lemon, orange or grapefruit? ) and asked me if it could be made into something. It was pretty ugly as you can see from the 4th photo..the pot was made from the bottom half of that branched trunk. It had 3 different shapes as it got whittled down but there was no getting away from the big cracks. I had to tape it up to bore out the inside. Instead of filling all the cracks with inlay, I painted them red..hence the bloody pot! I'll try anything once. It is 6 1/2" high and 5 1/2" in diameter at the top.
 It is finished with semi gloss lacquer.
 Cheers, Jim 
For a snarly piece of wood to start it turned out great.

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Looks like you found the beauty in there, Jim. Nice work!
i remember that beauty,nice work jim.
Pretty sharp looking. With my luck it would have blown up on me. Good job, especially keeping it together.  Mike
Thank you all for the nice comments.
Hi Mike. I did put duct tape around it when turning the inside because I also was afraid it would blow up on me!!

Cheers, Jim