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Router Station

 This is probably my most prized tool in my shop. I planned for 10 years to make a router station to replace my flimsy router table. I just wanted to incorporate all of the best features I could think of. The first thing was to buy a good lift unit and design around it. I purchased a Woodpecker Quick Lift for a time saver instead of cranking on a 32 thread shaft to get the bit above the table. I had to re-bore the lift mechanism to fit my Milwaukee router which was 3 9/16" ( 1/16 larger in diameter). Then I fitted the lift with a third guide post with a lock because the two they have seem to be off to one side and not balanced. ( but the 2 posts did work just fine)
 I made the table with 8 full extension drawers and dovetailed them with my cheapo HF dovetail fixture.I also modified the lift mechanism to be screwed down to the table because it would rise when lifted and a little sawdust would drop below it and make it too high. I also drilled it out for a little tool holder to catch the bottom wrench.
 The fence is made from a hollow alum extrusion with T slots all around. I capped one end and put the vacuum port on the other. The bottom half of the fence adjusts for different dia. cutters.  It is as split fence I can adjust the gap to match the bit
 I don't have a central vacuum system in my little shop so I wired the back outlet to be "hot" when you turn on the router and the shop vac automatically turns on.
 The last shot is one of my lift-out router bit holders There are 2 for the 1/4" bits and 2 for the 1/2" bits. I'm running out of room in them too. Time to stop buying cutters!!

 I took the following shots of the 3 drawers I use to support the router and two of the gauges I made  from Harbor Freight drop indicators that I use to accurately set the height of the bit and the placement of the fence. These are very useful when using the lock miter bit.

Cheers, Jim


Looks like a great build Jim, well thought out!

Ryan/// ~sigh~ I blew up another bowl. Moke told me "I made the inside bigger than the outside".

Lots of good ideas Jim! I’m envious.
What’s the little cutout in the front of the top for?

The early bird gets the worm but its the second mouse that gets the cheese.

Great workstation.  Really thoughtfully done.  All the storage drawers are nice too!
Nice table Jim, plenty of functionality.

I also have a Milwaukee router on my WP PRL, Fortunately they provided an adapter for the larger diameter.

As to running out of bit storage, if you are like me, I can't bear to toss bits that are getting dull or otherwise have better replacements nearby. I think "someday I'll try to sharpen that" 8^)
Thank you all for the nice comments. This was a Lumberjocks project from many years ago and I use it all the time and have made many fixtures to support work on it. It is still my most prized tool that I made in my shop.

Hi Paul. That top is a  laminate covered Steelcase work surface and that round  cutout area was the wire clearance in the back of the top.  I had to use what I could find at the time.

Hi Bruce. In one of the bottom drawers is the storage for the overflow and duplicate bits that won't fit in those drawers any more. ( Nice seeing you here, buddy! ). I'm glad all the past LJ's used their same handles here!!!

Cheers, Jim
Congrats Jim...that is an awesome router table.....good job!


Super Nice Jim you did a fantastic job.

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thats a great router table jim.i agree about the importance of a good router table.

working with my hands is a joy,it gives me a sense of fulfillment,somthing so many seek and so few find.-SAM MALOOF.

That is a wonderful router station, so many ideas and lots of storage. I can see where it is a prized tool. Well done.

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Thanks Moke,  O'Neal, Pottzy and Eric!.

Hi  O'Neal...Were you able to open the spreadsheet?
 Cheers, Jim 

Definitely a heavy-duty project and I like all the storage that comes with it. Excellent job.  Mike
Hi Jim....WOW!!!!  That is Beautiful and very practical.




Thanks, Mike, Cliff and Tony!!!!!!!!!!!

G'day, Cliff, Glad to see you here.............Cheers, Jim
Nice build Jim. It has a Narmon, New Yankee feel to it.
Thanks, George,
Yankees used to be my favorite team when Maris and Mantle were playing...cheers, Jim