Oak bird

I made this bird as a birthday present for my sister in law. The wood is oak and is harvested on the farm where she grew up, a long way from her current home. I thought that it will remind her of her roots and would be a cherished gift.

The design is inspired from the Danish architect Kristian Vedel who came up with these kind of birds in the fifties.

I turned the body on the lathe and had to construct a fitting squeeze chuck to be able to turn a dimple at each end.
Before turning the head the oak piece had to be initially prepared with specially crafted round stock of birch and dark Brazilian rosewood where the eyes are located.

I finished the project with bees wax.

The bird can express happiness, sadness and curiosity by tilting its head in virtually any direction. The body can be turned upside down to shift between femal/male bird.

The bird is 10 cm (4'') tall.
Cool little bird, Well done.

Main Street to the Mountains

 Nice gift!   Neat to have the oak from the family farm.  
Thanks for the nice comments!
The initial pictures that I used sucked so I have now replaced them with better resolution images.

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