1833 Plow Plane Restore

Another successful restoration project! Just completed restore of this c.1833 vintage plow plane.  It was in shabby condition with rusty metal parts. Small superficial cracks in the wood body and where the arms meet the fence. This seems to be typical of plow planes of this era. After disassembling, removing rust, re-aligning skates (they were loose), cleaning and polishing metal, re-grinding bevel on iron (it was belied), etc., it was ready to go.  So, I've been using it for better part of a day, and it works well. I thought the wedge type arms would be slow to set and lock, but instead it is rather quick to adjust, no tools necessary! Unfortunately, it only came with the 7/16 in. iron. I need to look for a couple of other sizes I regularly use. 

I am enjoying bringing these 150–200-year-old tools back to service. I can only imagine the fate they would otherwise have. Holding and using a tool this old is truly an experience. I think of the early craftsmen that used this tool, before the advent of light and power. This plow plane had the maker's stamp on the wood body which brings home how it was used in an early cabinetmaking shop to create furniture pieces of the mid-1800's. I typically look for a vintage hand plane with all its parts and not too much damage or irreparable cracks. this one met the criteria. YouTube video (on my channel) coming up with more detail. 

Norman Pirollo

Amazing job with the restoration.  Has to be very rewarding to work with the tool given its history.

It was a challenge.. I almost passed on this plane .. but it had good bones :) Enjoying it, especially the history behind it.

Norman Pirollo

nice save. if it could only tell the story.

working with my hands is a joy,it gives me a sense of fulfillment,somthing so many seek and so few find.-SAM MALOOF.