Half A Table

I'm sure that there are some jokes here about running out of time or materials. I think that in a few of the pictures, it looks like the other half of the table is in our closet on the other side of the wall.
This little table is based on the "half-round" (really "half-ellipse") table on plate 99 of The Pine Furniture Of Early New England by Russell Hawes Kettell. Obviously I did not build the table in pine. It is black walnut.
I was attracted to the simple lines, the look of the through mortise and tenon joints and the fact that it has three legs. With only three legs, no matter where we put the table in our wavy-floored 1800-era house, I won't have to use any shims!
The finish is Danish oil and carnauba wax.

This was posted elsewhere Jun 13, 2010.  Back then I didn't anticipated that the table would be used as is is being used right now.  It might be hard to tell that our cat is on the table.  She has become very furry lately!

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That is a good-looking table, the half ones make nice entry tables. We have one next to our front door.

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Nice, good work.

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Nice table.  I think you need to build a separate bed for kitty!!  No scratching that lovely table!!
Nice work resulting in good looking cat bed.   Sorry table.


Sorry table.

Fine looking table Chuck, beautiful looking finish.

You should make an identical piece and place it on the opposite side of that wall. Play head games with visitors 😀
nice table chuck but i agree, cat needs it's own bed !

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 nice table chuck but i agree, cat needs it's own bed ! 

The whole house and most of our property is the cat's bed!

“Fake quotes will ruin the internet” — Benjamin Franklin

Some nice details there. Thanks for sharing.