Another Bandsaw Box

A few years ago I made my first bandsaw box for my son's birthday. It was such a hit with the family that I decided to do another one for my Mother-in-Law's birthday. She loved it so I'll consider it successful ;-)

The design of the box is nothing new. In fact, I almost didn't do this style because it has been done so many times. However, as pointed out by a friend of mine, even though I may have seen a dozen different examples, my MIL has never seen anything like it. So, it was unique to her and it was a pretty simple build so that was good enough.

The stock is Cherry. I have some 4×4 stock so I glued 2 pieces together and squared everything up. Final dimensions are about 14" tall x 3-3/4"deep x 7" wide. For the pulls, I had a scrap piece of Bolivian Rosewood that was about 3/8" square. I put it on the lathe and just turned knobs by eye that looked to be about the right size and all roughly the same shape. The drawers are flocked with wine colored flocking.

I learned a lot with the first box I made and learned another important lesson with this one… Don't glue the kerfs back together after cutting the drawers out! Why? Because the back has been resawed off. If you glue the kerfs closed, the back doesn't fit on right. Not a big problem but it did add a little extra work and made the glue line more visible than I would have liked.

All-in-all this was a pretty simple and fun build. It was definitely well received and will be used without a doubt. Thanks for looking! Comments and criticisms welcome as always.


That looks great Ken. I've always wanted to try a bandsaw box.


Tose are always neat boxes, you did a wonderful job on it.

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very cool,ive never done a bandsaw box either.

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that's pretty creative. Nice job.

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I’ve always enjoyed how bandsaw boxes look, but I’ve never done one either. That one definitely has character!

Ryan/// ~sigh~ I blew up another bowl. Moke told me "I made the inside bigger than the outside".

I'm not really a fan of bandsaw boxes, purely because sloppy drawers annoy me (insert joke here). However, I am a fan of you Kenny and I love the design and execution. You always deliver my friend.

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I will take the easy way out and just repeat everything Andy said.

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Even easier than Brian's retort:

I am not a big fan of bandsaw boxes, but that is fantastic!


Every time I finish reading my notifications, I hit the Craftisian logo at top to jump back to the home page. This helps me because there is an issue wherein if you are on the page while it gets a new reply, the notification does not work 100% properly (imho). This has the unintended consequence of giving me a glimpse of a few newly posted projects.

And this trip to the homepage threw this at my eyeballs. It took me a couple seconds to realize what I was looking at. I think at first glance, I thought lightning struck a tree (I have seen this on hikes in Mt Baldy, a trunk split part way down).

Once I realized after a couple seconds what it was, I simply had to click to get a closer look.

Upon closer look, this is fantastic! Struggling to find the words actually. Speechless.
Actually, since it is Kenny, he probably had some badly checked wood he needed to dump on some unsuspecting folks 😀
Badly checked

🤣 😂 

That’d be the most checked wood I have ever seen my entire life
Very cool...I love it..always planned to make one but have not yet...............Cheers, Jim

Cheers, Jim ........................ Variety is the spice of life...............Learn something new every day

Thanks for all the comments folks!

I have to admit, I’m not a fan of bandsaw boxes either because I dislike the visible kerfs and sloppy-fit drawers.  But, if you can work them into the design correctly, it’s still a fun way to make a unique piece IMO.
Great looking box. Always liked these. Good job.
Nice job Ken - you could give us an update once your MIL has it. I bet she's gonna love it!
Top of the line Bandsaw Box, GOOD job.

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Steve Rasmussen

Nice job Ken - you could give us an update once your MIL has it. I bet she's gonna love it!

Well this was ported over from the other place and she's had it for about 4 years now ;-)  It sits in their living room under the TV and has since I gave it to her so I guess she must like it 😁