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Windsor(ish) chair

I have been wanting to build a windsor chair for many years and this winter I finally went for it. The seat is beech and everything else is white oak. I had a ton of firsts with this build. First chair, first use of tapered tennons, first rake and splay lesson (that i didn't quite get right), first steam bending, first time turning legs on the lathe, first use of milk paint etc. I used this chair to help my change my woodworking philosophy to "just go for it". I was hoping for a chair that looked very old to fit in with the rest of my house and I think I succeeded at that. I have a build blog if anyone is interested in the process. Thanks for looking!

Jerry-Holland Mi


Nice details! Well done. 

Ryan/// ~sigh~ I blew up another bowl. Moke told me "I made the inside bigger than the outside".

I appreciate the "jump right in" attitude! No straight angles or surfaces makes me baffled. Something to try when I eat my Wheaties and start going crazy 🙂
That is a thing of beauty. Congrats on achieving all the firsts and just going for it.

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going for it paid off this time for sure.

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That seat looks very comfy.

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Thanks everyone! It's certainly not perfect but im happy with it. The seat is quite comfortable but I will change the shape a bit on the next one. It tapers too far on the sides near the back causing a very slight hump right where you sit. I enjoyed working with all of the odd angles. I felt more freedom than when working with something thats supposed to be square. 

Jerry-Holland Mi

Very nice, Jerry! Glad you got through it and came out with a comfortable chair.
Jerry that looks great and comfortable. I just notice the back of the seat with the relief line, that just adds to the design. And a wonderful job with all of the first. Well Done.

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Thanks guys! 

Jerry-Holland Mi

I really like your chair.  About 35 years ago I got the idea to collect Windsors.  There are certainly many different styles.  I have one that I took apart to reglue and re-rush the seat, but it's still that way many years later.  Maybe this will inspire me to put it back together.  That should be pretty easy compared to winging your way through that chair build!!

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Thank you for all the kind words everyone! Really inspires confidence for my next one. L/W I hope you can get that chair back together. I would love to see some pictures of your other chairs. If my wife would let me I would have a house full of them! 

Jerry-Holland Mi

That is a neat, sleek Windsor chair, you do have a lot on your plate when you undertake such a build but, you jumped right in and had a great success, with a beautiful finished chair as raw result.


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Now it's evolved with the paint! I really like the color fade on the legs! good job:)

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I'm so glad I ended up painting it. I almost oiled it and left it natural but the paint and distressing really brought it to life!

Jerry-Holland Mi

It does look very old. For a first I hope my firsts come out that good. 

James McIntyre

lots of firsts but id say successful ones. nice work.

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Nice work on that chair. Looks good
It was definitely difficult as a first. I had a few moments where I was sure it wasn't going to work but I figured it out. Hopefully the next one is even better!

Jerry-Holland Mi