Sawbench/Mini Workbench

Had a bunch of 1x4's lying around and decided to make a portable bench/sawhorse.

Blog of the build here for those that like that sort of thing.

Designed to break down for easy transport, the stretcher attaches to the legs with tusk tenons and the legs are bolted to the top with wooden screws & nuts.

Hand tool build only, feel free to comment/criticise as always.

Gallot Index Score = 7
1. Rough dimensioning of material, to include sawing (rip and cross cuts), thicknessing, jointing and edging
     1.5 - (Dropped half a point for starting off with some 1x4's)
2. Panels / Subassemblies
     0.5 - Optimistic, but, well, it comes apart.
3. Joinery
     2 - Tusk tenons, mortise and tenons, wooden bolts, all cut by hand.
4. Final Surfacing(smoothing)
     2 - Planes and scrapers
5. Mouldings and Accents 
     1 - There are hand cut shapes on the legs (dropped a point as they look rough as a badgers arse)

Possible bonus points for
Dimensioning lumber from a bit of trunk using axe, froe & plane.
Use of an infill plane (That's just an instant bonus right, who doesn't like an infill?)
Having to stop and make a new tool partway through the build (Rounding Plane).


A great little travelling bench. I need to keep this in mind.

Main Street to the Mountains

Thanks Eric.
Remember the foot adjusters - pub tables have taught me that all floors are not created equal :)
This is something I've wanted to try, making something solely with hand power, no noise, no dust (major amounts floating in the air), and the satisfaction of achievement in creating. You did a fantastic job here, must have been relaxing and satisfying time well spent.
I think you've tipped me over the edge and I'm going to attempt a project like this. Thanks for spurring me on, I'll try to reach your level of craftsmanship shown here.
Very nicely done, Mike! I’d give you a half point or a point bonus for hand threading all the various screws you needed along the way, but I’m feeling generous this morning. 

May you have the day you deserve!

Really nice bench Mike.  Well built and should come in handy for lots of stuff!
Very nice!

Your photo montage makes it look like you knocked it out in a day!
Cheers splint.

Could do it in a weekend with power tools I reckon, would have gone a lot quicker with a couple of 4x4's as well - most of the time was spent flattening boards
Love it. Especially the wooden wagon. This scoring system is new to me, but I plan on adopting it!

Al in WV

Thanks Bertha

The Galloot Index was created by smitty way back on LJ's