Suet Feeder (Double)

Another project for the Bird's. My version of a Suet Feeder (did a little reading up on these) Stands 23" high with the tail block and 7" wide out of Cedar and finished with Howard's

Started with a tall box / cylinder, then cut a 45* at the top for the roof panels. The bottom has a filler block with the tail block attached from the inside. The Tail Block is to help the larger birds have a place to rest their tail, (never knew that), so I added it in the build. I put a perch towards the bottom cut at 30* (used the drop from the angle cut as additional support for the perch). The perch and the block that holds the Hardware Cloth can be changed out if it gets really nasty. Everything else was glued and nailed with TB III. 

It did take a bit to bend the cage to fit, I wrapped it around the back of the block, 1 to keep the ends from the birds, 2 to try and keep the squirrels out. The second one went quickly.

Note this could easily be adapted for one side only.

Thanks for looking and comments are always welcome and appreciated.

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you are going to have alot of very happy birdys GR8 JOB 😍😎👍


Tony, thanks. Time will tell, so far they have not lit on the feeders. Read that it can take a few weeks. Still waiting for the squirrels to lite on the spinning feeder so I can shoot a video.

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You've got quite a collection Eric!
Steve, thanks. We like to sit on the orch and watch the birds and all of the little critters that wonder into the yard, Cheap Entertainment. 

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Nice suet holder.     Like the design.   Well done.


Real nice feeder. The cedar should last a long time in the weather!!

Cheers, Jim ........................ Variety is the spice of life...............Learn something new every day

Ron, thanks. Pulled this one off the top of my head, fitting a few scrapes together.

Jim, thanks. That is what I was shooting for, something that will last a while.

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Oh, I need to build one of these.  Our current suet feeder (store bought) has seen better days, and your design is so much nicer.  I like the idea of the tail block, which makes complete sense once you've seen a Pileated woodpecker trying to hang from a simple suet cage.  Thanks for the inspiration, Eric!

Ross, thanks. That is a good photo though. Those are the ones I want to draw in. I saw another design where the Suet cake is on the bottom, try one of those. It's mainly for the little birds that don't mind feeding upside-down.lik ethe Nuthatch's.

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I like the way you take care of nature


Ivan, thanks. We like Our birds here, and they are fun to watch. We also have Hummingbird feeders, and those little guys like to chase each other away, zipping around.

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It must be really nice watching the Birds.  Very Peaceful.
Cliff, thanks. Yes, we like watching the birds, saw one the other day went into the top of the cage and pecked away.

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