Tambour Display Cabinet

Developed this furniture design on paper through a series of sketches and drawings. The iterations progressed to where I was satisfied with the aesthetic of the piece. Once I had the drawing finalized in my mind and on paper, it was rendered with colors to hopefully be a close approximation of the final cabinet on stand. The fixed tambour-styled doors are of Pau Amarello (Yellowheart) and the cabinet and stand are composed of maple. Tambour strips are glued to a stable wood panel for each door. This took some time as spacing needs to be uniform.

The strips are often not perfectly straight as they can warp a little after resawn so need to be clamped tightly while gluing. Interior drawers are arranged asymmetrically. The drawers have dovetailed fronts of cherry with contrasting wood for the sides. A challenge was to get the spacing correct to avoid a large gap in the center area where the doors meet. I worked this out though a lip and rabbet arrangement for the door closing where one door is slightly wider than the other. The stand has splayed legs in a unique arrangement to introduce stability into the furniture piece in a compact form.

I like how it turned out and the deep yellow of the doors contrasts nicely with the pale maple case.

 Overall height is 48 in. H, 18 in. W, 9 in. D 

Norman Pirollo

beautiful cabinet norman. love your design. a cabinet on stand is on my to do list.

working with my hands is a joy,it gives me a sense of fulfillment,somthing so many seek and so few find.-SAM MALOOF.

Another beauty Norman! The yellow heart is gorgeous! 
Very Nicely Done.    Beautiful work.   Like the design.



Sorry for shouting it, but I really do. I love how tall this one is ... allows you to really enjoy it up-close (versus something close to the floor).
Thanks Devin and everyone for the positive feedback!  Overall height is 48 in. H, 18 in. W, 9 in. D . Just the right height to be able to view the interior. This is a departure from the cabinets I typically create which are a few inches taller. I prefer smaller pieces now and trying to use my existing inventory of wood. I collected wood for too many years...lol

Norman Pirollo