Hickory box

Longtime LJ user migrating to this site... thanks for viewing.

Here's a band saw box with a saddle top cut into a wave pattern using some nice grained hickory. The box is approximately 11 x 4 x 3 1/2 and splays bottom to top. This is a Michael Cullen inspired box shape and a carving pattern I found of David Fishers'. Two incredibly talented woodworkers/carvers who I really enjoy studying.
I made the box months ago and penciled in the carving pattern...I let it sit on my workbench through the summer until I got the courage to carve the hickory. It's not the first wood you think of when carving but I adapted my pattern to the wood and didn't force the depth. I knew the painting would add to the shadow and contrast so I could keep the carving light.
I used chocolate brown and tavern green milk paint, with a few coats of Danish oil (natural) and then black flocking on the inside.


Tom, welcome to Craftisian.

Really like the box.


welcome to craftisian tom, i think your gonna like it here compared to that train wreck you came from. love to see you jumping right in with a project post. if you need help just ask. 

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Tom, great box.   The design is appealing and looks wonderful.    Hickory is an interesting wood to work with   Well done and Welcome.  


Excellent details! That's a beautiful box.
I'm glad you found us!
That is a nice box.  You're right about the grain and it looks like you took good advantage of it.  Really creative and nicely executed.  

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Hickory? OK, fun to carve. Nice box, and welcome!

Steven- Random Orbital Nailer

Welcome aboard, I really like this one, glad you shared.  I usually don't like paint on a box, but this adds so much. I might take a few ideas from this and try some carving.

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Very interesting box design!

Looks like that hickory was a single solid blank?

The vines fit right in, nice work.
Thanks for the welcome and all the positive comments.
The hickory was about a 2" thick board that I glued up into a workable block... guessing 6 x 6 x 14. First time using it and I really like it...might not carve it again but definitely nice to work with otherwise.
Looks great! Welcome. The black flocking really sets it off…

Ryan/// ~sigh~ I blew up another bowl. Moke told me "I made the inside bigger than the outside".

Beautiful Tom and welcome to the site!  I was thinking about you a few weeks ago during the Beer Swap when I came on your carved hop project and wondered what became of you.  Glad you found your way here!

I love making bandsaw boxes but unfortunately, they so often look like bandsaw boxes with stray kerfs and gaps around drawers.  But this is a different style and I love it!  The carving is a well-chosen pattern with lines that compliment the curves at the top.  And the paint backfill compliments the wood and the design without detracting from them at all.  No offense but I'm probably going to steal the design.  I'll modify the carving pattern and wood selection so I'm not a complete copy-cat 😉
Hi Ken, it's good to see familiar people here. I enjoyed the swaps a lot...such a great way to see everyone's creativity on a common topic. 
Feel free to take anything I post on here...95% of my work comes the same way...the other 5 % is my better halves ideas!
I really like this style of band saw box for the same reasons you mentioned. They have a cleaner look to them and give you lots of options for shapes, carving and colors.
Thanks for the welcome!
I LOVE the (presumably) hand-painted leaves detail. That flocking sure is black.
Hi Devin, I'm not the steadiest painter but I was able to clean up my mistakes with a little bit of fine sanding.
Very attractive box. Nice work on it!!

Cheers, Jim ........................ Variety is the spice of life...............Learn something new every day

This box is very impressive.  It is an attractive design.  Bonus points for the carving and painting.  The coloring of the leaves is a really nice touch.   Triple bonus points for being gutsy enough to carve hickory.  The gamble paid off.  Well done.
Truth be told, I wanted to get the carving much deeper but the hickory was having nothing to do with it. So I compromised and outlined the leaves with a V gouge to define them and took my chances that painting them would look good...I got lucky.
Tackling hickory was a gutsy move, but it looks great!  Sometimes luck beats skill, but it looks to me like you have both.

Half of what we read or hear about finishing is right. We just don’t know which half! — Bob Flexner