Burial Flag Case with Drawers


This was a burial flag case that I made for my uncle to hold my grandfather's burial flag case.  It's a relatively old project but finally got around to finishing and uploading the video. 

The woods are Curly Maple for the flag case, Walnut for the drawer case, Poplar for the drawes, and birdseye zebrawood for the drawer veneers.  



beautiful case mosq. great choice of woods.

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I love the style and wood choices.  Are there specific keepsakes or objects that will be kept in the drawers?  

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Very nice…I like the floating effect.

Ryan/// ~sigh~ I blew up another bowl. Moke told me "I made the inside bigger than the outside".

Thanks guys!  

 Are there specific keepsakes or objects that will be kept in the drawers? 

I'm not entirely sure the extent, as my uncle lives on the exact opposite side of the country (TX), but I believe shells from the salute, badges, pins, medals, letters, and a few other small things like that.  

 I like the floating effect 
Thanks Ryan, that was a last minute add on, as I was searching for something that made it feel "right".  Originally I was going to attach it straight to the case, but just wasn't happy (especially with the width difference).  Ended up using a pair of the offcuts from the case itself under there, beveled at 45 degrees. I'm really glad that ended up finding its way in


Some seriously nice styling and a fitting tribute!
Beautifully done!  The video is great.  Appreciate the clear presentation of the build and love the pictures at the end.  Thank you for sharing this.
excellent.   everything about it is great.   thanks for posting.


Thanks Barb and Ron!

Barb, thanks, I cut the original video down to about 1/3 of what it was before, so it's a lot more concise now and added voice over.  The voice over was tricky, the last bit took a few tries to get through


Funny timing.  This is on my monitor right now:

Just starting to flush out a design for my mom for my grandfather's flag and decorations.  I like the pedestal, I may incorporate that.  I'll have to watch the video later and figure out those joints at the bottom of the flag case.  Great work and gorgeous wood selections!
Very nice Mos! I enjoyed your video.

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I did one not too long ago, I think I actually posted it here. Now I wish I’d ‘floated’ the case! 👍🏼

Ryan/// ~sigh~ I blew up another bowl. Moke told me "I made the inside bigger than the outside".

You did a wonderful job on this Mos. I sure your grandad would be very proud of you. Excellent video too.

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There's definitely a lot of emotion in a project like this.  That makes the care in building it even more meaningful.  Well done.

It's really well built. Good job! I have a small cut off piece of zebrawood but I can't make up my mind to do hand plane on that hardwood, haha(I know yours is nice veneer). 

No name noobie here

Thanks Everyone!

Kenny, I've got more pictures of it, but not sure if I ever captured that specific piece.  I can check the raw video files to see if I caught it anywhere.  Basically, they're mitered, but screwed in from the bottom (with threaded inserts in the angled pieces).  I think that's what I did, anyway... this was like 5 years ago now 🤣


If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD

A beautiful tribute and some very nice workmanship. 

Kerry - Working with wood, the smell the feel, is such a joy, its a meditation of sorts.

Thanks Aussie and Other Aussie :D 


What a special case!  The video is a wonderful tribute to your grandfather.  You put a lot of love in the build and documentation.  Thanks for sharing.

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Beautiful project! The video was also very nice! I like the design and choice of woods.