Carving of Wood Duck Drake

Carving of Wood Duck Drake

After my Mallard Duck was completed, I decided to carve a Wood Duck. Started this on February 28th 2015 and finished today 3/16/15. It was as always a challenge and lots of fun doing the research on books and on line.
Here are some pictures.

If interested you can see a video on youtube with the steps.



That’s a wonderful carving. The detailing is fabulous! You must have worked on it non-stop to complete it so quickly.


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You have got a real talent . That is a nice job


Beautiful result Rolando. The wood burned feathers and paint look wonderful and the level of detail is awesome.

Mike, an American living in Norway

Thank you all for your words of praise and approval. Very humbled for your kind comments.. I have only done 2 ducks so far. Now that I am retired I can enjoy doing these carvings. Thanks again.

Very impressive great carving Rolando.

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