Wood Duck Hen


This is my 3rd Duck Carving.. Real fun, and challenging. Started on March 24th and Finished 4/20/15. Spring chores and yard work kept me out of my garage shop.

Here is a link to a Youtube video…….https://youtu.be/cyDEBzTDxEs

Very nice!
Nice pictures too. They give an insight to the process.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA


You’re really carving quickly! The details are wonderful; the duck looks great.


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It’s very real, great work, I love it! :)

Like the details of the feathers . Carving is a whole new level and it looks like you have reached it .


Thanks to all for your input and encouragement . Enjoy sharing and learning from you all.

Very impressive carving Rolando.

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Thanks a1jim … One lady wanted to buy one … and then I thought about it and told her that if I charged money … then it will be work and not fun… So I either give them away or keep them.