Blackjack Tournament Trophy


As many of you know, I am routinely asked to assist with making trophies for the local trophy shop. This is one of those. The Beau Rivage was hosting a $150,000 blackjack tournament sponsored by Jack Daniels. The tournament director procured a crystal decanter set as the prize but needed an appropriate display/presentation box (the original cardboard box didn’t seem quite right).

Using red oak (since JD is stored in hand-crafted oak barrels) I built what you see. The entire box is built from a single board (7 bd ft). Finger joints on the corners, front and back free-floating in a 1/4” rabbet. After finishing, I had to upholster foam core with black velvet. They initially asked for blue but given that Old No. 7 Jack Daniels has a black label, the black velvet seemed more appropriate.

I wasn’t present when they picked up the case, but the owner of the trophy shop said they were beyond thrilled with the end results.

Pat - Biloxi MS

Very very cool. Nicly done!

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

This turned out very well,nice work Pat

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