Dowel Maker


Hi I had a need to make an oak dowel for
My slab side table, so I was looking around on you tube and one video of them had a guy drilling three holes in some angle iron, then it hit me, it looked like a die from a tap and die set for metal
Bolts, so I have several of those, so why
Not try it! I couldn’t find the handle, so
Vice Grip to the rescue!
I needed a 5/16" dowel, so I used a 7/16" die, ripped some strips at 3/8" square,
And was surprised when I chucked it up in my drill and ran it through a couple times,
Some final sanding, and wella, dowel!

Steve Tow



Sounds like a great idea. Thanks for sharing.


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good idea I try it thanks steve


Awesome! Definitely going to have to pick up a set! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks guys. Just an update. I was tired last night when I typed the sizes in last night, I was needing a 5/16" dowel, not a 7/16" dowel. I used the 7/16" die and had
To sand it some, running the sandpaper over it while the drill was running to get it to the proper size. I have corrected my

Steve Tow

Gotta do whatever works to get the job done. Great thinking using the Internet to solve problems that may not seem common. Sometimes solutions are right on the tip of your tongue, then you see it and the light bulb comes on.

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That’s brilliant!

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Depending on how long of dowel you need .you can drill a hole in a piece of metal
the proper size you need for a dowel and then pound a piece of wood through the hole that has been sawed square just a little bigger than the drilled hole. This will make a perfect dowel,rather than using a dye.It helps to start it by sharpening one end in a pencil sharpener.

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Thanks Jim ! I probably would have done
That very thing had I not needed one that size. That
Night to finish up.
It actually only took about 5 minutes to
Go from a square sawed 36" piece to
A smooth sanded to size dowel.
So not too bad….

Steve Tow

I like that. All the dowels I can get are made in China and they are not in inches nor in mm’s. So i have to make my own.
Thanks Steve


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This solution seems it might work better for difficult woods that splinter when pounding them through a traditional hole in metal dowel maker. Great injunity!

CHRIS, Charlottetown PEI Canada. Anytime you can repurpose, reuse, or recycle, everyone wins!

Thanks Tman! It works quite well
actually. If you take your time and have
the right size die, you can a very smooth
dowel. I just run some sandpaper over
the dowel quick, while it’s still in the
drill, and use a caliper to check for size.

Steve Tow