Rush job - DVD shelving

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This is a DVD shelving unit I built for my next door neighbors daughter. It was a rush job started yesterday around 7:30 PM, and finished around 11 ish. She needed a DVD shelving unit that would hold all her DVD’s, and she is moving to California today so she needed it done in a hurry. So, home depot pine was the wood of choice, because it was readily available, and I didn’t really need to do much to it other than cut it to size. She told me to just screw something together real quick. I ended up cutting dados for the shelves, adding a bottom moulding, and a laminated top. Back is white hardboard. She’s gonna paint the whole thing green, so I wasn’t worried about the contrast. Not my best or prettiest work, but it’ll do.

Have a good one!

in one evening???? !!!! Well, I’m impressed. She must be very pleased.

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That’s the way to crank it out.

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