Garden of Innocence Urn

Garden of Innocence Urn
Garden of Innocence Urn

While viewing the podcast from The Wood Whisperer, he mentioned an organization called Garden of Innocence. They are based in California and provide proper burial services for abandoned children found deceased and still born children whose remains are not claimed by the parents or family members. Typically, in these cases, the state takes the remains and places them in a Potters Field. Basically a mass grave. This organization takes the remains, gives the child a name, provides them an urn or casket, a small blanket and a toy, and gives them a proper burial. I believe most are cremated. As such, they are in need of donations, including urns and caskets. They provide a basic set of plans on the website to build one in pine, but they accept any shape and size as long as it fits a certain dimension limit (10"W x 10" H x 16" L). This is the first of my donations to this cause. They are looking to expand throughout the country, and I hope that they are successful. If you are interested in donating, or learning more, check out there website at


Nice urn and good thoughts David.

Mike, an American living in Norway

Nice job on the Urn, nicer job on the donation. Very thoughtful of you and a great cause as well.

What a noble organization.
That is a beautiful urn. I have the feeling I will be following you foot step fairly soon.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Mike / Bently, thanks for the kind words.
Ian, thats fantastic! I hate that the donations are necessary in the first place for this scenario, but we don’t live in a perfect world, and people in general are flawed. I hate the thought of these little angles being disposed of and forgotten. At least this way, they are given the love and dignity in death that they never had the opportunity to enjoy in life.

Nice work and a great cause. I’ve heard of this before. Their website is well worth reading.

Losing fingers since 1969

Very good build and wonderful cause.

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