Kitchen cabinets - circa 2012

Kitchen cabinets - circa 2012
Kitchen cabinets - circa 2012
Kitchen cabinets - circa 2012
Kitchen cabinets - circa 2012
Kitchen cabinets - circa 2012

Since we were invited to post older projects, I present the first kitchen cabinets I ever did. These were done for a co-worker to add on to his kitchen. Prior to this, I had done some cabinets for the shop with really cheap plywood, and that was the only cabinet making experience I had had, but he trusted me enough based on those shabby cabinets to do his. This wasn’t a business at the time, and the payment only covered the materials, and a few of the tools. It was enough to get me started though, and allowed me the chance to prove to myself that I could do a good job. In the end, that was the best profit I could have asked for.
In addition to the three cabinets, I also refaced his existing cabinets, and made new doors and drawer fronts for them. In total, I think there were 19 doors and 12 drawer fronts and a bunch of veneer for the faces and end panels. I made a bunch of mistakes veneering, and ended up having to come back to finish because I ran out. Never did get pictures of the completed re-facing.

The cabinets are all Baltic birch plywood – 3/4" for everything except the backs. They sit on a detached ladder frame / toe kick. Drawers, drawer fronts, doors and panels were all soft maple, with lots of mineral streaks. He likes that look thankfully, because I never gave it a consideration when doing it! Finished with a natural stain and poly.


Looks great. You made the corner drawers or only refaced them?

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Thanks Brian! The three stand alone cabinets (first, second and third pictures) were the new additions. The fourth and fifth pictures shows at least one angle of the before and after for the re-facing.


Getting encouraged (pushed) into a project that stretches us is the way many of us got enough confidence to keep going. Your co-worker must have been thrilled on the great job you did!


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Great job!! Self taught I think is one of the best ways of learning. You do awesome work!!

You did a great job David super cabinets.

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