Small project Veneering


just wanted to pass on an interesting site
for small project veneering.
It is a site for skate board veneering.
They have a really simple, and very economical system of vacuum bag
style veneering!
I haven’t tried it, but it looks very intriguing.
I think shipwright has the best method by
far, with Hyde glue and hammer, but this could be a feasible, though limited resource for small projects…

Steve Tow

The link did not work for me.
Maybe the site is down at the moment.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

I’m afraid it did not work foe me either.

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Sorry guys, if you search roarockit
you’ll be able to find it.
crazy thing, I opened my new fine woodworking magazine, and there’s an article in there about using one of their kits to do a panel!

Steve Tow

I have seen the vacuum approach with a relatively inexpensive set-up Steve, but hammer veneering is so easy with hot hide glue that I would rather do that. I can see that the vacuum approach could be a benefit for projects with curves and/or rounded edges and of course for larger projects.

Mike, an American living in Norway

I totally agree with you! I haven’t tried the
Hyde glue and hammer yet. But I am going to! I have tried pressing an the ironing technique on practice runs, but
Shipwright has a really nice video on using the hot Hyde glue method.
And I am convinced it will be well worth the investment.
I really like the fact that what you see is what you get with the hot Hyde glue.
Thanks so much for sharing that, Mike,
and coming from you, I consider that to be Gospel!
Happy Woodchips!
Steve Tow

Steve Tow

Well, I can honestly say I have not tried veneering as of yet. Have seen some videos but,haven’t had the gust to try it yet. Thanks for sharing


Hi guys, a quick update on this.
if you go to YouTube, In the Woodworkers Journel, videos, they just
uploaded a video of the veneerING
system I was talking about.
I can’t upload it from my phone, but it’s a
neat little system…..

Steve Tow

Looks easy enough. Here’s the link "": that Steve talked about.

WC (Bruce)

Once again, Thanks Bruce!
I knew I was following you for a reason!
I really do appreciate it!

Steve Tow