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I made these jig knobs using the cap of orange juice bottles and 15 mm/ 5/8” Baltic birch plywood and a !/4” carriage bolt with nut and washer .
I just could not throw the caps away as they provide such a good grip and provide a nice finish for the knob .
These will go on a jig I am working on .

Here are a few pictures of how I made the disc and marked out the saw cuts to match the fins inside the cap .
Draw the circle to the size of the inside of the cap and drill a 1/4” hole followed by cutting out the disc with band saw .Then it’s onto the disc sander and the precise disc sanding jig .

Onto marking the location of the fins by inserting the disc into the cap and giving it a tap with my little tapper mallet this will indent the plywood disc slightly ,mark the location with a pencil and cut the slots with the band saw .
Install the 1/4’ bolt nut and washer and drive the assembly into the cap ,I got a nice tight fit on all three and they work just great .
Save the caps it makes nice clean knobs and takes no time it all and the price is right as my tool shop want’s about $3.80 a piece for them now .

Another little reuse project .

baltic birch plywood bandsaw drill press disc sander jig

Yet another great idea!
I totally agree, one cannot throw away
“good stuff”!!!
I actually have a “stuff that’s just to good to throw away box” lol
thanks much, I enjoy!

-- Steve Tow


These look great. I’d try making them, but I’d have to find someone who likes that brand of o.j. ;-)


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Good job , I too have a box , no boxes , oh alright , I have a shed full of " stuff that’s to good to throw away "

-- Wheaties

Another great idea Klaus.

-- woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

Great idea Klaus !!
I too am a stuff collector, back 3 years ago when I sold my shop of 25 years, I threw away a lot of pieces & parts. Just didn’t the storage to keep it all . IT WAS HARD, LOL

-- Jaybird