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Here is one of my first turnings. It is ceder and a shellac finish. This is an attempt to look like an ole coal oil lamp.
Video here

Hella707 you are not the first to say that.
Thank you.
Mike with a bit of shellac it come out real nice. This was a tree out of my yard.
Thank both of you folks for the kind words.

I picked up a piece of cedar and used some of it to make BS boxes. I hadn’t though about turning cedar, but by the way that finishes up, I will definitely add cedar to my list of “turnables” Thanks!

-- HorizontalMike

Thank you William. The shellac was put on in a french polish method while the piece was spinning. I was pushing this because of the size.
The finish was fast. I HATE WAITING ON FINISH.
The biggest bit I have is a 1 inch. I do need to get a lager set.

That is nice.
I have to revisit shellac next time I turn cedar. I tried it once with bad results and hadn’t thought about trying it again.
You didn’t hollow it, but if you ever do another, have you thought about using a forstner bit to drill out the center to outer potpourri or cedar chips is? I wouldn’t try it on this one now only because of the knot.

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