This is my mitre sled with a fence that is adjustable and easy to bring into square and another feature is that it has a double base which allows me to tilt the blade to any desired angle and slide the upper sliding base against the blade and form a zero clearence setup.The sliding upper base panels slide in rebates of the front and back fence and are locked in position by thumb screws .(red in last pic )

The fence is bolted to the bottom base by four bolts and T nuts with the three holes to the right being larger the the bolt and the left hole being tight and serving as a fulcrum .
The alignment is accomplished by turning the adjustment device (last pic )and bringing the fence into square and tightening the bolts .
The fence also has replaceable inserts to accommodate different angles and blade width that are housed in a dovetailed recess with leveling screws .


Sweet Kiefer!

you got so many innovations on your sled.

-Zero clearance
-Allen bolt on the fence for re-squaring
-replaceable insert on the fence

Those are feature I want on mine!
I guess it’s time for version 2.0
Maybe I should wait for your next revision to be safe :)
What’s your though on corian for the base?

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Nice one Klaus. I missed this .
I’ve never felt the need for a sled but I’ve tried a bunch of new things recently. Maybe a sled is worth having after all.
I do like the features and have a lot of respect for your creative designs so if / when I do this may well be the one for me.

The early bird gets the worm but its the second mouse that gets the cheese.

I would not use Corian as a base .
I find that applying local pressure like at bolt holes will cause breakage .
I had that problem with a router fence .
I used HDF which is a harder type of MDFwhich I got it in sheat form from a lift of laminate flooring about 3/8" thick .
A little hard on the saw blades so I used cheap blades to cut it .

Thanks Kiefer!

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Kiefer, this isn’t just a miter sled, it is a work of art!
I’m still looking at it to see all the nuances you included.
A “tutorial” would be great!


Thanks for the charming comment Ellen!
This sled has some miles on it now and it is still performing well and it still finding new uses .
I will do a blog on my CURVED project hopefully next week and will show the sled in it but may do a complete video on the sled by itself also as it is a different sled with with the sliding double bottom which allows for a zero clearence to the blade in all positions even a dado set and on all tilt positions of the blade .



Even your miter sled is a functional, elegant work of art!

Thomas J. Tieffenbacher/aka docSavage45

Super sled with lots of cool features,great job Klaus

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