Addams Family versus The Munsters Chess Set by Jim Arnold

Addams Family versus The Munsters Chess Set by Jim Arnold

Wish I had more pics of this one, but I don’t. It sold so fast I didnt get a chance to take any more of them. The board wood “ulta-brite” a laminate that would stop a bullet…think it had 16 sheets of laminate per inch of thickness, slinters like crazy, but its beautiful! I was issued a Cease and Desist order from NBC a while back to stop me from selling these that’s framed in my office, so most likely wont make another. The board itself is 3’ square…one set of opposing corners has graves…the other opposing board corners, one has the Munsters Mansion, the other the Addams Family House.

On the Addams Family side its Gomez and Morticia for King and Queen, Uncle Fester (with light bulb in his mouth) and Lurch for bishops, Pugsley and Wednesday (with her headless Marie Anntoinette doll) for knights, Cousin IT standing on the top of castle towers for rooks, and “Thing” in various stages of coming out of his box for the pawns. Lurch is about 10" tall…pawns about 5" tall. Made out of Poplar. The Munster’s side, made from Walnut features Herman and Lilly for King and Queen, Grand Pa and Eddie for bishops, the Munster family car and Grand Pa’s “drag-ula” for the knights, and a staircase on top of castle towers for rooks, and yes, the stairs flip up to reveal “Spot’s” big head underneath.

Usually, I try to have fun with the pieces and the theme, and leave the board alone out of revereance for the game, but couldn’t help myself with this one…each side has a hidden lever under the board. Pull the lever and it releases one of the board squares that is spring hinged, a trap door so to speak, the piece standing on it will fall ‘through’ the board and disappear from the playing surface. Herman is about 10" tall as well.

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too bad re: no more photos AND too bad re: cease and desist.

Amazing work!!

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Your make very amazing chess sets.Fantastic.

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