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still doing the chess sets, but...(5 different projects)


after 20+ years of non-stop chess set commissions decided to ‘branch out’ a bit…

36" square NBA set

Gator football set

14" tall St. John Baptiste deLaSalle

Baptismal font

Eagle family, 11’ tall

caver of chess sets

Oops! The St. John statue was 14’ tall…not 14". Same process as the chess pieces though.

caver of chess sets


Your carving is really impressive! (I know how much time and skill it takes since my husband carves, too.)

Your chess sets are certainly unique. With so many people obsessed with sports, they should be highly sought!

Do you use a chainsaw for your larger carvings?


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Welcome to LJs Jim
Those are some really fun chess sets, cool idea and well done

woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

Agree there is a wide range of very impressive projects there!

Regards Rob

I really like the shape of the pieces , very unique