War of 1812 Chess Set by Jim Arnold

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Last one, and I’ll quit posting them for a bit. My third favorite set. Solid Walnut and Maple for the pieces and the board, hulls are made from basswood, the board weighs about 55 pounds and measures 38" square. The set depicts the first sea battle victory of the US over Britain and features replicas of the hulls of the USS Constitution and the HMS Guerriere, all period uniforms. As the game progresses of course, the boats kind of fall apart, and so to avoid all casualties on either side I have the flags removable, so when you are ready to concede, you just have to strike your colors and surrender. Kings are about 10-11" tall, and this set is also in the new museum in Izmir, Turkey. Came up with the idea while I was sleeping, no joke! I always keep a pencil and a sketch pad next to the bed, just in case. I’ve come up with my best designs that way.

Again, i’ll back off posting for a bit and not spam the pages with these things, and welcome the opportunity to see everybody’s work. I found the site yesterday when i saw Kiefer’s table saw mitre jig on Facebook (very cool!)…followed it back here and joined up with you all.

Thanks again…Jim

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Another masterpiece. You are very talented!

-- Michal, http://WoodworkingWeb.com

that’s what I was going to say, Michal!!!!!

I look forward to seeing your NEXT set and reading its story!

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This has to be the most unique chess set I’ve ever seen,Amazing workmanship.

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