Radiator cover

Radiator cover
Radiator cover
Radiator cover
Radiator cover

Made this for a friend. Painted poplar.

I'd rather be covered in sawdust



That looks like an outstanding piece of furniture, not just a radiator cover! What’s the insert on this one?


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The grill in this one is some stamped out aluminum.

I'd rather be covered in sawdust

this is BEAUTIFUL ..

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Wow! Very nice! It has been +30yrs since I last lived with H2O/steam radiators. Sure brings back the memories.


Outstanding work Les!
Nicely done corners.
Question if you don’t mind. For the beads around the openings, did you cut them into the frame (what tool did you use for it?)
or did you apply them separately afterwards?

Bentlyj the frame was assembled the then the beads were scratched in by hand and then all the corners were carved in. Thanks!

I'd rather be covered in sawdust

Thanks Les, I figured you probably did it right. ;)
I’m sure I would have did the applied molding, only because I’ve never scratched them in.
Thanks for getting back to me.


some complex technique you used judging from the comments.

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This is one of the fanciest radiator covers I’ve ever seen,extra nice Les.

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