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Bow front radiator cover

Different style but for the same friend. This one goes in a different room. This one is painted poplar also.

-- I'd rather be covered in sawdust

Very nice design Les, a super build . great looking radiator cover.

-- woodworking classes, custom furniture maker


You can certainly make something ordinary look extraordinary!

Is that a metal mesh insert?


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Yes it’s a metal woven mess that is antiqued brass finish.

-- I'd rather be covered in sawdust

That beauty is called a piece of fine furniture not a cover .
Can’t say I have seen a cover for many years but even back then I don’t remember seeing a piece like this .

It looks great.
love the bowed front and the concave “corner”
How does the paint hold with the heat?
Did the wood move much and cracked the paint?

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Ianwater I don’t know for sure how well they will do. Won’t know till next winter. Time will tell.

-- I'd rather be covered in sawdust