Bench top carving bench

Bench top carving bench
Bench top carving bench
Bench top carving bench
Bench top carving bench
Bench top carving bench

Being one of those guys with back problems I’m always looking for ways to save my back, this is one of those ways. A bench top carving bench with an adjustable top. The top will tilt from 0 to 90 degrees. It clamps to my regular workbench. This way I can stand straight up to do all my carving projects.
Its 12" tall and the top is 1 3/4 thick x 16" wide x 39" long made from one piece of red oak. The base is all out of some 12/4 ash that I had. The aluminum bars that hold up the top I made from some 5/8 thick material that I had on hand. The blue track and knobs are from Rockler. The hinges for the top are large soss hinges.
After I got all that done I decided to add a moxon vise to the back side, this also acts as a counter balance for when the carving top is ever tilted to 90 degrees.
It works really well, very happy with it. Now just need to decide if I done with it or not and get some finish on it. Right now I’m not liking the clamp thing on the vise, thinking about re-doing that part and making my own vise hardware.
Thanks for having a look!

I'd rather be covered in sawdust


That looks like a very ingenious creation. Do you ever sit down to carve?

Are you working on a pie crust table? (I hope I didn’t miss anything.)


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A nice solution to an unfortunate problem.

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Looks like a well thought out bench addition and I bet a pleasure to use .


Les this design is a killer Wow just plan WOW

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