Farmhouse Style Table


Custom commissioned farmhouse table and single bench. Customer supplied the 3×12 pine beams used for the table top and bench seat which came out of a barn. The base is new construction lumber.

Here are some highlights on the build process:
-The base and bench were done with traditional mortise and tenon joints which were then pegged with 3/8" dowels.

-Monster splines made from 3/4" plywood were used for the top for alignment and a little bit extra glue surface.

-Breadboard ends were glued in the center only with pins with the outer pin holes being elongated for wood movement.

-And the top was attached using the wood button method to allow for seasonal wood movement.

-The finish for the base is washable paint and the top was stained with dark walnut to match some of the other wood features in the customers house.

This was kind of a last minute deal that came in around Thanksgiving weekend with a request that it be done before Christmas and I almost didn’t do it because of the time crunch but I’m glad I did. I delivered it on Monday and was told later by the customer that it was way better than what was expected or hoped for. So it made the extra work well worth it in my opinion.

Love it. You have inspired me. Looks fantastic.


Looks super,nice work,many of these farm style tables are showing up online with pocket screws ,it’s nice to see this built with joinery that allows for wood movement.Great job.

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This is a very nice table. Great job!

Greg Holden