Wagon Tongue Floor Lamp


Floor lamp made from an old weathered white oak wagon/planter tongue found when tearing down a barn. The tongue was 10 feet long (last photo) and dates to mid-late 1800’s based on the type of nails found in it. The weathered texture of the wood is absolutely amazing and I can’t seem to get the pictures to do it proper justice. I used a vintage-style “Edison” bulb with cloth covered electrical cord, old barn bolts and finished with amber shellac just to seal it.

This is a short video from my Instagram feed showing a closeup of the weathered wood grain.

That looks great. I think I’ll look around for something like that when I go home next week.

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Very nicely done. Looks great and functional too.


That’s a real unique design.

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My kind of thing. Love it!


My kind of thing. Love it!