Folding Laundry Rack

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In case there are long-term power outages, I thought it would be nice to be able to do laundry. This folding rack fits in the hall closet when not in use. The wood is poplar – unfinished. The parts are 1 and 3/8" by 30". The 3/4" dowels are four feet long, and I made them with a spokeshave. Parts are held in place with little 1/8" dowels and “C” shaped glue blocks on the ends. The whole thing stands about five feet high at the highest setting and about two feet wide.

I use it indoors (because it always rains here). Clean clothes are nice!

That’s a clean idea :)

Are the level offset so the top does not drip on the lower ones?

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Well done and being able to dry your laundy in fresh air gives it a much nicer feel and smell than the dryer .

Ianwater, the top level has offset dowels so dripping is reduced, but when you have the thing loaded up with bed sheets, towels, etc., it’s hard to keep things separated. Also there are two notches in the top crosspieces. When the outer notch is used, the offset is greater and overall height is less.

Kiefer, fresh air is nice when it is not raining. It rains here from October 5th until June 27th, so I use this mostly indoors. I’ve figured out that if I hang clothes outside, it causes snowstorms or rainstorms. (Please don’t tell anybody.)

Much more difficult than it looks.

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Really nice, useable project. Made one for my wife a while ago. Instead of “end washers”, I used a simple screw locking the dowel. So far, it works.