The Honeycomb Cutting Board


This is a cutting board I made from purpleheart and maple. It was roughly 16″ × 10″ and 1 1/2" thick.
I made finger cut outs to be able to pick it up easier as it was rather heavy.


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Outstanding design,great job John.

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That’s a very handsome board!


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Very nice cutting board.
You did a great job.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

this is great! i’m trying to do something similar for a project.

How many glue-ups did this board require? I made a design that requires 4 glue-ups (first glue-up stripes, then cut at 60 degrees to get zigzag stripes, then cut zigzag stripes to get harmonica-type stripes, then cut one last time to get hexagon). Did you do something similar?

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