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A couple of pictures of my latest leg vise which is going to be installed on my bench and again this is a improved version .

This is my work bench which has become a passion since I finally got around to build one .The bench has gone through many changes which for the most part are innovations that I have developed like several styles of leg vise with the very latest shown in picture five and I will do a separate post on this as I have not installed it on the bench itself .
There is also the foot operated leg vise shown and a stool for taking a rest now and then .
If you look in my previous posts you will also find a tail and twin screw end vise which replaced the end vise shown in picture two .
Well its a long but happy story but a lot of satisfaction having done all this and this bench gets used daily and has become my favorite spot in the shop .


Hey no fair! Nobody can compete against your crazy inventions! ;-)

That step lock leg vise is definitely going on my someday-to-be-built bench. That is one of your (anyone’s?) best innovations ever.

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Totally unique and cool.

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It is fun and interesting to see this leg vise evolve Klaus. My guess is that most of us wish we could come up with such creative innovations as you have, but why bother when we have you to do it?

Mike, an American living in Norway