My latest box design and different from previous boxes that I have posted ,the thought on this one was a contemporary design .
I am a bit tiered of straight sides so this one is a seven degree angle for the sides and applied corner trim and a tray to match with a lift handle that follows the exterior of the box .I did not bother with dividers as most of the boxes will be used for different purposes and dividers would just be frustration .
The box is made from hard maple and American walnut for the trim , hinges are SOSS 10mm barrel hinges and the tray and box bottom are lines with burgundy velvet sown to poster board and finishedd with lacquer .
The size is 11” W x 7 1/2” D x 5” H

Enjoy and thanks for taking a look !
Comments always welcome .


— Kiefer 松


That’s a niece design Klaus.
It looks nice.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

I love the corner details

Very nice Klaus. A new line begins?
Very clean lines and I love the lift on the tray. As usual you exhibit your great attention to detail and a natural knack for balance.
Two thumbs up!

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That’s a delightful box! I don’t generally like contemporary designs, but this one is exceptional.


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Excellent design work, as usual. Looks great!

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Another winner great job Clause.

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Excellent work, Klaus. Well worth deviating from the norm.


Very well done Klaus. I like that you used the same theme throughout.

Mike, an American living in Norway

I like it, very nice.

Randy - If I'm not on the computer than I'm out making sawdust.

Thanks you all for your comments they are always much appreciated .