Free Bois D'arc (Osage Orange)

Free Bois D'arc (Osage Orange)
Free Bois D'arc (Osage Orange)

I was given these two pieces of Bois D’arc. Bois D’arc (BD) is a very heavy hardwood used by the indians to make bows from. In fact the south west indians were the military powerhouse 600 hundred years ago because of their superior bows.

Out of this wood I have so far made a mallet. Now this mallet has some Oomph to it. This mallet was made from a burl so I managed to get end grain on four sides.

Also for the person who gave me the wood I made an envelope opener from BD and mesquite.

As you can see from the cut piece the wood has yellow heartwood and white exterior. The wood is still quite green. As I have been told and read the wood will turn a luscious brown after some exposure to light. That I am looking forward to.


Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.


Very interesting,I never heard of this wood before .cool projects.

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Nice creations. Love the mallet. Don’t be afraid to abuse it.

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Good job on the mallet and opener . That is really nice wood .


Good looking mallet with some power and I love that letter opener .
I think you scored a little treasure with these two logs and will keep you busy for a while .Searching the net I found some interesting info about this wood .
I wish I had some to play with but it does not grow around here .

Happy Easter

Some more info about this wood.


Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

I love that wood. I was given some a few years back and have used it for several tools. One was a mallet so I can say from experience that you will love the punch it will pack.

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Now that’s a mallet. The wood on it is gorgeous!

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

I’ve heard of this wood but have not had the privilege of working it. Thank you for sharing and your creations look great.

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"